Free Expression

The right to free speech is the bedrock of a strong democracy. Modern communication technology has dramatically enhanced our First Amendment freedoms of expression and association by removing barriers to individuals’ ability to access, create, and share information.

Still, online free expression remains at risk due to censorship, privacy invasion, zealous enforcement of copyright, overbroad national security restrictions, and threats to the decentralized architecture of the Internet. Zoe will work to preserve high levels of free speech protection for digital communications and services.

Please click on the following links to learn more about legislation Zoe has authored:

·        Global Free Internet Act – H.R.889:  This bipartisan proposal establishes a private/public task force to review legislation, agency actions, and trade agreements – from both foreign governments and the U.S. government – to identify and respond to policies that undermine the free flow of information and an open and decentralized Internet.