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Education is one of the most important issues Zoe deals with as a Member of Congress. The stakes are enormous and Zoe takes seriously my responsibility to ensure that the federal government plans and positions well in making resources available to local school districts to help educate our children.

Zoe remains committed to making sure that the needed resources are made available for elementary and secondary education so we can ensure that we are truly leaving no child behind. Zoe will also continue to work with her colleagues in Congress to make college more affordable and accessible to students.

America's greatest resource for innovation resides within classrooms across the country. We must give our students more opportunities to be highly-trained in math, science, and technology so they can turn ideas into innovations. Future innovators must reflect the diversity of our country, and we must provide opportunities for every qualified student. Zoe will work with her colleagues and the Obama Administration to create a new generation of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians and ensure that today's students get the job skills they need at all levels of learning.

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