Fighting Back

Many Americans are rightfully worried about the Trump Administration's reckless and discriminatory policies. Zoe's constituents ask her often to stand up for their interests in Congress, and to fight back against Trump agenda.

Here is what she is doing to stand up for her constituents:

Standing up to discriminatory Executive Orders

The SOLVE Act 

Zoe introduced the Statue of Liberty Values (SOLVE) Act (H.R. 724) in January to rescind and defund Trump's illegal and unconstitutional executive order banning refugees and travel from seven Muslim majority nations. This legislation has the support of 188 Democrats in Congress.

Protecting Our Border Communities Act

Zoe introduced the Protecting Our Border Communities Act (H.R. 920) to render Trump's executive order to begin construction on a southern border wall null and void. Trump's wall does virtually nothing to protect border security, damages our economy, and squanders billions in taxpayer dollars. Trump's order also calls for the unprecedented and un-American mass detention of immigrants - flying in the face of American values of openness and tolerance and promotes the criminalization of our nation's hard-working and high-contributing immigrant population. 

The Community Trust Act

Zoe introduced the Community Trust Act (H.R. 921) to rescind and defund Trump's executive order to target all undocumented individuals for deportation and punish sanctuary cities. Trump's order takes a divisive and punitive approach towards communities that disagree with Trump's immigration strategy. The Trump Administration should not substitute its judgement for that of law enforcement officers who are on the ground, working in their community, and risking their lives to make their communities safer.

Legal Challenges

Zoe led an amici curiae brief signed by 167 Members of Congress in support of plaintiffs suing President Trump in the Eastern District of New York over the recent Executive Order banning travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries.

 Ending Partisan Gerrymandering

Zoe introduced legislation to end partisan gerrymandering and reform the nation’s patchwork redistricting system. The Redistricting Reform Act of 2017 (H.R. 1102) will require states to establish independent, multi-party citizen redistricting commissions to draw open and transparent statewide district maps after each decennial census. The bill is a component of the “By the People” Legislative Package advanced by the Democracy Reform Task Force.

Protecting Women's Rights

Zoe is committed to defending a woman's access to health care and her constitutional right to make heath care decisions that affect her body against attacks by Donald Trump and the Republican Congress.

Fighting against extreme Court and White House appointments
  • opposed to Steve Bannonhaving a role in Trump's Administration. Bannon haswell-documented ties to white nationalism and should not be allowed on the White House staff. Zoesigned a letterurging Trump to rescind his appointment of Stephen Bannon to a senior White House post. She alsocosponsored legislationto ensure that the president is receiving counsel from national security experts without the dangerous influence of partisans like Steve Bannon.
  • Zoeopposes Trump's Supreme Court nomineeJudge Neil Gorsuch. Judge Neil Gorsuch is far outside the mainstream when it comes to the views of the American public.