Advances in Nanoscale Science with Rep. Mike Honda

October 27, 2015
Blog Post

My colleague, Congressman Mike Honda and I had a very encouraging meeting today with scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs conducting research at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's Molecular Foundr

The Molecular Foundry is one of five Nanoscale Science Research Centers supported by the United States Department of Energy, and according to the lab, "gives researchers access to expertise and equipment for cutting-edge nanoscience in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment." 

The Foundry was established nearly 10 years ago as a result of Congressman Honda's 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act – a bill that authorized a wide range of nanotechnology research activities across the federal government and was signed into law by President George W. Bush. Users of the Molecular Foundry are provided with free access to instruments, techniques and collaborators for nanoscience research that is in the public domain and intended for open publication.

The scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs using the Molecular Foundry today are participating in exciting research, as we heard today. One participant is improving optical bioimaging for cancer detection, others are working on new breakthroughs in innovative nanoscale physics.

I was excited to learn about the wonderful research at the Molecular Foundry, and inspired by the innovations achieved as a result of Congressman Honda's legislation. We need to continue our federal investments in nanoscale science to support the progress that's been made. I'm proud to work with Rep. Honda as he continues to lead on this very important issue.