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Donald Trump’s Second Muslim and Refugee Ban Is Just as Un-American as the First

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San Jose, March 6, 2017 | comments

SAN JOSE, CA – Today, U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), Senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Immigration and Border Security Subcommittee, issued the following statement after President Donald Trump signed a revised Muslim and refugee ban Executive Order. The Order bars the entry of nationals from six Muslim-majority countries and suspends U.S. refugee processing:

“This revised order is no less a violation of the bedrock American principle of freedom of belief than the original. It remains un-American, unconstitutional, and puts our national security at risk.

“Trump’s ban makes Americans less safe by playing right into ISIS propaganda, projecting U.S. hostility toward the Muslim world and strengthening ISIS’s recruitment push. The order unfairly targets the world’s most vulnerable populations by suspending the U.S. refugee program. And at a moment when there are more refugees worldwide than at any point in history, it undermines America’s standing abroad and proud tradition of welcoming the oppressed.

“Donald Trump has promised a Muslim ban and this new order is his latest attempt to do just that. As Trump advisor Stephen Miller acknowledged, some language may be changed, but the intent and impact are the same.

“Fortunately, neither Donald Trump nor his Executive Orders are above the Constitution. I will continue fighting to preserve America’s commitment to freedom, humanitarian protection, and to safeguard our national security by defeating Trump’s un-American Muslim and refugee ban.”

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