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Zoe is the only Member of Congress who has worked on both the Nixon and Clinton impeachments, and she knows that inquiries into the President's actions must be about Members fulfilling their oaths of office to defend the Constitution and American democracy. That means approaching impeachment with gravity, integrity, and a sense of responsibility.


Photos 1 and 2: Zoe Lofgren, a staff member for Congressman Don Edwards - who served on the House Judiciary Committee, during the 1974 Nixon impeachment.
Photos 3 and 4:  Zoe Lofgren, a Member of Congress serving on the House Judiciary Committee, during the 1998 Clinton impeachment. (Right click on photos to enlarge and/or download.)

President Trump admitted that he asked the President of Ukraine to take actions to help his re-election. That conduct violates President Trump's obligations under the Constitution and poses a threat to our national security, which is why Zoe supports the current impeachment inquiry.

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"Rep. Zoe Lofgren has been part of every modern impeachment. Here’s what she’s learned."
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"Rep. Zoe Lofgren discusses the Trump impeachment inquiry."
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"Impeachment veteran weighs in on current inquiry."
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