Foster & Lofgren lead more than 90 House Democrats Calling to End to Politically Motivated Attacks on Planned Parenthood

April 29, 2016
Press Release

Washington, DC – In a letter to House Republican leadership released today, U.S. Representatives Bill Foster (D-Ill.) and Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) led more than 90 House Democrats in calling for an end to the Republican Select Panel to Investigate Planned Parenthood, highlighting the most recent partisan attack on scientists and researchers:  

"We write to you as members of Congress who are deeply concerned with the way the Select Panel is conducting itself, specifically in its recent attempts to investigate how researchers acquire fetal tissue," the letter reads. "Equally concerning are the investigations into scientists doing research that uses fetal tissue. This misuse of subpoena power is clearly aimed at not only stopping the progress of crucial medical research, but personally intimidating the scientists who are engaged in this life-saving work."

"As a scientist, I am appalled by the Select Panel's attacks on medical research that could lead to cures for many diseases," said Foster. "This Panel has served as nothing more than a vehicle for false attacks on Planned Parenthood. It's time Republican leadership stops wasting taxpayer money on this political witch hunt."

"It's increasingly clear this committee is pushing to intimidate scientists and researchers," said Lofgren. "This is reckless. These are the very researchers dedicated to finding life-saving medical cures for crippling diseases.

"Wild rhetoric and unfounded accusations leveled by anti-abortion activists like the so-called ‘Center for Medical Progress' – and encouraged by this committee – has already inspired violence. Using the subpoena powers of the United States Congress to intimidate and potentially endanger scientists, including medical and graduate students, is not only a tremendous misuse of resources, it's incredibly irresponsible."

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