Rep. Lofgren lays out plan for net neutrality regulation

October 9, 2014
Press Release

SAN JOSE, CA – In a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler yesterday, U.S. Rep. Zoe Logren (D-Calif.) laid out a path forward for strong net neutrality rules, including reclassifying broadband internet access service under Title II with regulation strictly limited to net neutrality.

"Large technology companies, small app developers, movie and television writers, public advocacy organizations, and the public at large have all made it clear that blocking, throttling, or prioritizing internet traffic based on source, application, or content is unacceptable, and harms innovation and self-expression," the letter reads. "It is true that reclassifying all broadband internet access services as title II services is not without some concern – which is why it should be done as narrowly – with as much restraint as possible – and solely to accomplish the goals of net neutrality."

Lofgren goes on to note that reclassifying broadband internet access as a Title II service, with a combination of FCC rulemaking and forbearance authority under section 706 to implement open internet rules is a plan that will provide the clear, unambiguous authority, strong rules, and measured restrain that had been demanded by the public.

The full letter to Chairman Wheeler can be found here.