VIDEO: Zoe at Judiciary Committee markup of SOPA

December 15, 2011
Press Release

Today Zoe is participating in the Judiciary Committee's markup of H.R. 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). It is expected that the markup will last all day Thursday and continue tomorrow, Friday. Check this page frequently as it will be updated throughout the markup with video clips of Zoe as she offers amendments in an effort to improve the bill.

Watch the markup live, and comment on the bill, at

Click here to learn why Zoe believes SOPA is the wrong approach to addressing online piracy.

A couple of people sent Zoe this funny Internet meme of her. Can she be a meme? Thanks to whoever did this...

Zoe meme

 - - - Videos from markup - - -

1.  Zoe asked that the entire SOPA bill be read into the record at the onset of the markup. The American public needs to know what is in this bill before the Committee proceeds.


2.  Zoe's statement on Chairman Lamar Smith's Manager's Amendment. There's a need for copyright enforcement but there is a better way to do it without collateral damage to cybersecurity, innovation, commerce and the First Amendment.

3.  Why Zoe trusts the internet engineers and cybersecurity experts over paid consultants for the movie industry...

4.  Why Zoe opposed an amendment to give ISPs immunity for blocking entire websites.