Net Neutrality

A free and open Internet is essential to America's economic and cultural prosperity. The Internet is a thriving and vibrant engine for cultural and economic growth because it lowers barriers and empowers people to connect and share information globally with limited restrictions. 

Zoe does not believe broadband providers should selectively favor certain Internet traffic to the detriment of other lawful online services. However, any regulatory safeguard against discriminatory traffic prioritization should not interfere with legitimate network management.

The Internet was founded as a neutral platform that leveled the playing field for sending and receiving information, and Zoe pledges to continue fighting policies that go against this innovative spirit.

Read Zoe's 2014 letter to former FCC Chairman Wheeler laying out a path forward for strong net neutrality rules, including reclassifying broadband internet access service under Title II with regulation strictly limited to net neutrality.

More on Net Neutrality

May 18, 2018 Press Release
Zoe Lofgren signed a discharge petition to force a vote to restore net neutrality protections. The petition was filed a day after the United States Senate voted on a bipartisan basis to overturn a Federal Communication Commission order to end net neutrality.