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March 3, 2021 Press Release
"Stabilizing the workforce will protect the future of our farms and our food supply."
February 19, 2021 Press Release
"It’s an honor to be named a 2021 Champion of Science, and I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to promote robust investments in federally-funded research that spurs innovation and to support our STEM workforce."
February 4, 2021 Press Release
"We are greatly encouraged to see that the Biden Administration is beginning the process of rebuilding this historically bipartisan refugee program and returning the United States to its leadership position on the world stage."
February 2, 2021 Press Release
"That the President has taken such wide-ranging actions on immigration in his first few weeks in office is indicative of just how much damage the Trump Administration did to our immigration system."
January 20, 2021 Press Release
"President Biden has declared to the world his intent to return America to its roots and restore its reputation as an inclusive and welcoming nation."
January 14, 2021 Press Release
"Today’s report sheds new light on the chaos, cruelty, and reckless disregard for vulnerable children in our nation’s custody."
January 13, 2021 Press Release
"The Founders devised the Impeachment Clause to protect against a President who would threaten Constitutional order. If we don’t act now, the Impeachment Clause would essentially be meaningless."
January 12, 2021 Press Release
"Vice President Pence should invoke the 25th Amendment, assume Presidential duties until the inauguration next week and save us from a President who is unable to function, unable protect our country."
December 21, 2020 Press Release
"I’m very disappointed that we have not yet been able to reach a compromise between the House and Senate on a version of the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act... But I won’t give up hope that ongoing bipartisan and bicameral talks can get us over the finish line in the next Congress. I’ll keep trying."
December 3, 2020 Press Release
"Unfortunately the provisions sent to the House by the Senate yesterday most likely make matters worse, not better."